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Plague/Virus, Species Collapse, Biology Breach, Recovery, and more.
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About the PostApocology Project

Here at The Project for PostApocology, our prime directive is to have fun with the horror. We believe that unless you can (kind of) laugh at something, you can't really understand it. Also, we know that unmitigated doom&gloom shuts people's eyes -- even from acknowledging the dropping guillotine(s). We try to jape at the vast horizon of bad news, in hopes that users might read more about what's happening, because... well, it's (kind of) funny, in a sick, horrifying, and heartbreaking way.

We have constructed five arenas to have that fun: 1) a news aggregation service, filtering news regarding the six scenarios, with punchlines; 2) the PANIQuiz, a quick, funny, and free quiz about the previous week's news; 3) the PostApocalypse Survival Aptitude Test (PASAT), to let people imagine themselves in the throes of the scenarios; 4) educational context for each scenario, in detail, with corresponding news; and 5) a blog to allow us a platform to process all this stuff a bit more personally.

In the end, what we are trying to do with this site is promote comprehension of the depth, breadth and scope of the Apocological realities, by keeping it interesting. We also highlight in our Recovery scenario some of the important work being done grappling with the horror(s).

We hope others find these approaches worthwhile, and that you spread the word -- that word that's so hard to say: post-apoc-OL-ogy.

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