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Plague/Virus, Species Collapse, Biome Breach, and more.
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Take the PostApocalypse Survival Aptitude Test™
Answer Ten Questions
We'll do our best to predict your Survival Aptitude within the seven scenarios, and try to be sure you have some fun doing it.
br> The PASAT™ is designed to make you think, not just react. We provide you with ten questions randomly, from our Q/A bank, which you can answer any way you want. Each answer provides links to more resources. At the end, we'll give you an anonymous prediction of survival. Will you be a Leader, a Layman, a Loser... or Meat?
[Take the PASAT™ now -- it's free, fast, and fun! And even educational!]

(Note: as of March 20, the PASAT's 10-question mode is still in beta. Alpha testers, please go here to reset.)
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